Why Electric Wheelchairs are so slow

February 06 , 2020

        Electric Wheelchairs are relatively slow, but basically meet the daily needs of the elderly and disabled. However, many people think that the speed of electric wheelchairs is a bit slow. In fact, the speed of electric wheelchairs is regulated. Today I will tell you why.

        Traditional wheelchairs must be pushed forward by people. If no one takes care of them, they need to push their wheels to move forward. Electric wheelchairs are different. It can move as long as it is fully charged, but most electric wheelchairs are braked by electromagnetic brakes. Its design speed is strictly limited. The speed limit of Electric Wheelchairs is generally set according to the specific characteristics of the user and the overall structural characteristics of the electric wheelchair.
Electric Wheelchairs
This is because of the physical reasons of the elderly and the disabled in the operation of electric wheelchairs. If the speed is too fast, they may not have time to respond to the emergency. In addition, according to the development and design of electric wheelchairs, a number of factors such as weight, vehicle length and width, wheelbase, and seat height must be comprehensively considered to set a wheelchair speed.

Otherwise, the speed of the wheelchair may be too high, and there may be potential safety hazards. Potential safety hazards such as rollovers, so low-speed driving of electric wheelchairs is for the safe driving and safe travel of users. The speed of electric wheelchairs is not only strictly restricted, but also to prevent accidents such as rollovers and backlashes.