Let’s learn about what a steel wheelchair can offer

Let’s learn about what a steel wheelchair can offer

Apr 16, 2019

Are you considering buying a wheelchair? Learn what a steel wheelchair can offer!
These chairs are designed for the elderly or people with mobility problem. Although they are made of steel, they are very lightweight and easy to transport.Providing strength and robustness, which provides greater stability and safety for the user. In addition, all are folding wheelchairs that are very easy to store due to its size, although they are extremely durable and reach some of them to support weights up to 120 kg.

Model: AGST004
Made of high-strength steel with fixed backrest, armrests and footrests, double-cross structure for more stable, solid wheels. Its folds and transport very easy, which makes it a unique wheelchair and all the advantages.


Model: AGST010
Ultra-light and extremely durable, easy to operate and provide comfort, it also features detachable and elevating orthopedic footrests, folding and detachable armrests as well as an elegant and modern design.

Model: AGST011
In addition to all of the above features and benefits,  It has an ergonomic seat and backrest that fits perfectly into the body. Its fabric is fireproof and provides users with safety and peace of mind. Its folding is very simple and its design is very cautious and attractive.

Model: AGST012
The operation is very simple and very comfortable and comfortable for the user. Its fabric is fire resistant and has strong strength, safety and robustness. With detachable armrests and pedals, it's easy to fold, and this wheelchair is one of the star products our customers choose.

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