What kind of aluminium alloy elderly walker is suitable for what occasion?

February 26 , 2020

Some aluminium alloy elderly walker are suitable for indoor use, while others are suitable for outdoor use. General walkers are made of light metal for easy lifting, but there are also heavy ones that require wheels for easy implementation. Walkers are generally structurally divided into wheelless, two-wheeled, and four-wheeled, and these types of walkers can provide better and stable support.

If the injured leg cannot bear the weight, then the wheelless aluminum alloy elderly walke can be selected. The advantage of this type of walker is that it supports firmly and is not easy to slide, but the relative walking speed is relatively slow, so this kind of walker Is more suitable for early postoperative training.
aluminium alloy elderly walker
If it is only the weight of the affected leg, two wheels of aluminum alloy elderly walke are more suitable. The two feet without wheels can prevent the walker from rolling away, and the feet with wheels are easy to carry. The premise of use is that it must have certain mobility and be able to maintain normal walking gait.

If you do not need to rely entirely on a walker to maintain your gait, but can walk with a load, then a four-wheeled walker is more suitable. Its advantages are relatively high walking efficiency and fast speed, so it only needs to maintain a slight balance, and generally can be properly protected by force. This type of walker is suitable for the elderly to go out on foot, but it is not suitable for early use by patients after surgery. There are usually four-wheeled walkers with hand brakes to facilitate walking on slopes.

In addition to selecting a walker according to your physical condition, you also need to choose a suitable walker armrest. Generally speaking, the principle of anti-skid is required. This is to ensure that the armrest is soft and comfortable to grip, thereby preventing hand wear. If you have difficulty gripping your hands, you need to replace the armrests that are wide and suitable for hand shape. Generally speaking, you can make your own, that is, you can use towels and other fabrics to increase the comfort.