Walker use safe three steps

December 14 , 2019

         A walker is a kind of assistive device that people can maintain balance and support people's body to walk. It is very important to use the walker safely and effectively in safe situations. First of all, you must stand correctly. Put the frame walker directly in front of the user. If there is any injury to your hand, you need to place the healthy side hand on the walker arm and the affected side hand on the bed or On the chair, the hips move forward slowly, the legs are slightly bent, the center of gravity leans forward and then stands up again.

          The next step is correct walking: the user first lifts the walker, moves one step forward, tries to avoid instability and fall, and then steps into one leg, the distance should not exceed the walker, if one leg is injured, they should Step out the affected leg first, and then move the healthy leg out to the same level as the affected leg.

          Correctly go up and down the stairs. When going up the stairs, you need to lift the walker to the previous step first, then step out the healthy leg, and finally step out the affected leg. When going down the stairs, the walker is first placed on the next step, then the affected leg is stepped out, and finally the leg is strengthened.
          It should be noted that if you want to go up and down the stairs, ordinary walkers cannot meet the requirements, and you need to use a one-button lifting walker specially designed for going up and down stairs.