Tips for manipulating electric wheelchair up and downhill and matters needing attention

August 22 , 2020

The use of electric wheelchair is beneficial to the physical and mental health of elderly friends and the disabled, and it also makes travel very convenient. If you are in a conscious state, there is no problem with your own operation. When going up and downhill, you still need to understand the relevant skills and precautions.

      1. Because up and down slopes are affected by a certain degree of slope, when passing up and down slopes, you need to measure the slope in advance. Can't insist on moving forward to avoid accidents of rollover and cause personal injury;

  2. Once you find obstacles such as stones on the way uphill, you need to hold the brakes to prevent the electric wheelchair from slipping back. Ask for help and get over obstacles with the help of people around you. In the downhill section, the speed should be controlled and slow down in advance to avoid accidents that are difficult to control in time due to too fast speed;

  3. Whether it is a motor vehicle or an electric wheelchair, it must be taboo not to slide on the downhill section, and slide in neutral. Because in the process of going downhill, the car is generally difficult to control. Once the vehicle is coasting in neutral, it is very difficult to slow down in the middle. The lock lever must not be placed in the hand push mode to prevent personal injury;

  4. Be sure to fasten the safety belt before operating the electric wheelchair. It is difficult to control the body up and down. In the event of an accident, the safety belt can achieve good protection.

   It is very necessary to understand the relevant use skills and main items before operating the electric wheelchair!