The correct way to open the Electric Wheelchairs

November 22 , 2019

       Electric Wheelchairs are a kind of auxiliary equipment that is often seen in daily life. Some elderly patients with inconvenient legs and legs or patients with leg disability and weakness can rely on wheelchairs for activities. How do you know how to use a wheelchair that looks like a simple one?

       The first is to open the wheelchair. You need to put both hands on the back and push the handle. After the main frame on the other two sides is opened, you can press the hand on both sides of the cushion and gently press it to the positioning position.

       When assisting the user to transfer from the bed to the wheelchair, the front of the wheelchair should be in the direction of the user's detection of about 45 degrees. The caregiver holds the user's waist and the knees against the knee joint of the affected side.

       It is strictly forbidden to pull the affected part of the upper limb of the patient's armpit. Colleagues also need to use the hand on the healthy side to support the armrest of the wheelchair, so that the healthy side can be used to push up and then the patient's hand is changed. The other side of the wheelchair is handrailed and turned to sit in a wheelchair.
                              Electric Wheelchairs
       When the user is transferred from the wheelchair to the bed, the user's healthy side is about 45 degrees to the bedside, and the caregiver's action is the same as above. After the user stands up, the healthy side of the hand turns the bed and turns to complete the transfer.

       Before pushing the user with a manual wheelchair, the nursing staff should first stand behind the wheelchair, hold the hand grip with both hands, fix the wheelchair, protect the patient safely, sit down, put down the wheelchair pedal, and put the patient's feet On the foot pedal, use or not use the fixed seat belt according to the user's own situation. Care should be taken to prevent the user from falling forward when pushing up and down.

       Osteoporosis in many elderly people is more likely to be injured. When using an elderly wheelchair, pay attention to it. When entering the door or encountering obstacles, you should not use a wheelchair to directly hit the door, threshold or other obstacles to avoid accidents. The vibration caused the old man's bones to hurt.