Styles Of Electric Wheelchairs

Styles Of Electric Wheelchairs

Jun 30, 2019

Rear-Wheel Driven
These models, which place the "drive wheels" at the chair's rear, provide a great deal of maneuverability, even at high speeds. Though these models typically suffer from wide turn radiuses, they are also best able to track naturally without the need to oversteer.

Mid-Wheel Driven
Also known as "center drive" chairs, these models are built to house the drive system at the chair's core (often inside or beneath the seat). Though these models feature the tightest turn radius, they are usually cumbersome and require vehicular support to transport over large distances.

Front-Wheel Driven
These models are built to house the "drive wheels" at the front end of the chair, with support castors in the rear. These models provide a great degree of stability, especially when traveling over incline or uneven surfaces.

Indoor Chair
Often, these models are designed with maneuverability indoors in mind. In particular, these chairs maintain a tight form factor and provide durability features appropriate to use in indoor environments.

Folding Chair
As their name suggests, these chairs can collapse easily to meet specialized storage and transportation needs. These models are often among the lightest in terms of weight, as well as the trimmest in terms of specialized features.

Lightweight Chair
Lightweight chairs are specifically designed to provide enhanced movement speeds without compromising on durability. Often, this is accomplished by reengineering an existing model using a new metal allow that cuts down on operator or engine strain.