Metal walking stick selection tips

November 22 , 2019

      Crutches are the medical aids that people with leg injuries need to use as their auxiliary "legs". If they are improperly selected and used, they will easily lead to safety hazards such as falls and injuries. Experts suggest that when purchasing metal walking sticks, it is not convenient and cheap, and must be checked before use to eliminate potential safety hazards.

      There are many types of crutches on the market. It is not easy to choose a suitable one. Generally, you can refer to the following aspects to purchase:
Metal walking stick
      1, the material, it is best to use lightweight, the weight is about 250 ~ 350g or so, must be strong, durable and not easily deformed materials, generally preferred aluminum crutches.

      2, height, the user wears flat shoes (do not wear high heels) naturally stand straight, hands hang down, there are horizontal stripes in the wrist, the height of the horizontal stripes to the floor is the appropriate height of the walking stick.

      3, the grip, the surface can not be too smooth, otherwise it will be easy to slip, the length of the grip is longer than the width of the palm is more appropriate, if you have an arthritis or a stroke, you need to be guided by doctors and professionals Choose the right grip.

      4, the bottom, whether it is a single-legged crutch or a multi-legged crutches, the bottom of the crutches need to be installed with anti-slip mats, so that when you walk, you can increase the friction with the floor, which can effectively avoid slipping and falling.

       Don't avoid using the crutches. Using crutches can effectively distribute the weight of the body, thus reducing the joint load and preventing the joint from being damaged. It can also effectively reduce the risk of falling.