Introduce safety knowledge of portable electric wheelchair

December 24 , 2019

Residents' living standards have improved, and people have higher expectations for product quality, performance and comfort. Children spend less time caring for the elderly or patients at home. It is not convenient for elderly and disabled people to use manual wheelchairs. It was hope of a new life.

The elderly and friends with disabilities can walk independently by operating portable electric wheelchair without the help of others, thereby making their lives and work easier and more convenient.
portable electric wheelchair
Electric wheelchairs are fundamentally different from traditional electric mobility scooters, battery carts, and bicycles. Mobility wheelchairs have intelligent control controllers. According to the different operation methods, there are rocker controllers, as well as controllers controlled by various switches such as the head and blowing system. The latter is generally suitable for severely disabled people with upper and lower limb disabilities. Now electric wheelchairs have become an indispensable means of mobility for the elderly and the disabled.

The elderly and disabled people should pay attention to the following safety common sense when using electric wheelchairsAlways check whether the manual brake installation device is properly adjusted. When using the manual brake, check whether the screws are fastened and the wheels are completely stationary. To check whether the tire pressure of the wheelchair tire is normal, air leakage and wear, whether the seat cover and backrest are firm, and the wheelchair is often maintained with lubricant.

Usually wipe the car with clean water and dry it in a ventilated place to avoid contaminating the body with alcohol or grinding powder. The controller should avoid knocking. The motor should be protected and must not exceed the motor speed.