How to use metal walking stick correctly?

October 25 , 2019

When the lower limbs are injured and cannot walk normally, the doctor usually chooses some tools for assisting walking, such as metal walking sticks, walking devices, etc. Most people think that metal walking stick is used to help walking, and should be used on the injured leg side. In fact, this is not right. The crutches manufacturers gave the following suggestions on how to use crutches correctly:
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When a normal person walks, his hands and feet alternate, while the left and right feet are simultaneously, and the left and right hands swing forward at the same time. If your left leg is injured, when you walk forward, your right hand is holding the abduction, and you will advance with the injured leg. When you shake your leg, the injured leg can be supported by the crutches, reducing the weight of the injured leg and playing the limb. The support of the structure, the gait will be as natural as the average person. So the crutch should be used on the side of the good leg rather than on the side of the injured leg.

When the patient's lower limb injury is partially restricted, the weight is used to support the walking process. At this time, in accordance with the normal order of "turning left leg and right leg" and "turning right leg to the left leg", the double-flip is alternately extended with the equal amplitude of the lower limbs, and the stable area is respectively protected against the limb. At this time, the gait is completely in line with the habits of ordinary people. Although there is a high requirement for the coordination of the upper and lower limbs of the patient, it is not a problem to be able to grasp it freely through careful teaching.

In addition, for the maintenance and maintenance of medical crutches, crutches manufacturers believe that the following points need to be noted:

1. Store the product in a dry and ventilated place. If it is cleaned with water, then stored or used.

2, product maintenance requires professional maintenance tools and equipment, and quality problems occur in time to contact the supplier for maintenance.