How to judge the quality of portable electric wheelchair?

May 21 , 2020

In order to facilitate the mobility of the disabled and the elderly with inconvenience of legs and feet, portable electric wheelchairs have emerged at the historic moment. The quality of the electric wheelchair industry varies, so how to judge the quality of the electric wheelchairs?

Judge whether the quality of an electric wheelchair is good or not. The professional summarizes the methods of one look, two studies and three experiences for you to purchase.
portable electric wheelchair
The first look actually refers to the material, configuration, design and workmanship. The materials of portable electric wheelchair mainly include steel pipe, aluminum alloy, aviation aluminum alloy and carbon fiber. The price difference of different materials is relatively large. At present, the mainstream materials on the market are low-end wheelchair steel tubes, and the better ones are aluminum alloys. The mid-to-high-end electric wheelchairs are generally made of aviation aluminum alloys, and the carbon fiber materials are more expensive. They are not mainstream at present. It is expensive to use.

Look at the configuration of the portable electric wheelchair, mainly looking at the four core parts of the motor, battery, controller and electromagnetic brake. Each of these four core parts determines the service life and safety of the electric wheelchair.

Design and workmanship is generally the most intuitive judgment for the first time to buy a brand of portable electric wheelchair. The design mainly depends on the degree of humanization, whether it is convenient for operation and use. Generally speaking, the higher the product positioning, the more humanized and refined the design and workmanship, and vice versa An unreasonable design and rough workmanship can not improve the quality of electric wheelchairs.

The original intention and design of the electric wheelchairs of different brands and different functional models are different. It must be considered clearly when buying. Not every electric wheelchair is suitable for any user.