How to choose Medical Steel Toilet Folding Commode Chair?

How to choose Medical Steel Toilet Folding Commode Chair?

Aug 20, 2019

Some points that the elderly need to pay attention to when purchasing a wheelchair.

For the elderly who are suffering from stroke, paralysis, amputation and frailty, wheelchairs can help them improve their self-care ability. Therefore, we must be cautious when choosing a wheelchair for the elderly. What kind of wheelchair does the elderly use? How to buy a wheelchair? How to choose Medical Steel Toilet Folding Commode Chair?
Medical Steel Toilet Folding Commode Chair

The first thing to pay attention to when purchasing a wheelchair is the height of the pedal. The height of the pedal should be at least 5 cm. If it is a pedal that is adjusted by the department, you can wait for the old man to sit, so that the bottom of the front end of the thigh does not touch 4 cm. Seat cushions are suitable. The height of the handrail is generally after the old man sits, the elbow joint is flexed 90 degrees, and it is better to add 2.5 cm upwards at this time.


This is because the armrests are too high and the shoulders are more prone to fatigue, which can cause the upper arm skin to be easily scratched when pushing the wheelchair. If the armrest is too low, it will cause the wheelchair to be pushed forward, and the upper arm tends to lean forward, and the body is easily dumped from the wheelchair. Long-term use of the chair in a forward leaning position is likely to cause deformation of the spine and compression of the chest, which may cause difficulty in breathing.


The second option for wheelchairs is to consider the problem of cushions. In order to make the elderly feel comfortable in the wheelchair and prevent the occurrence of hemorrhoids, the seat cushion of the wheelchair seat must be selected. The cushion can distract the pressure on the buttocks. The common common cushions are foam rubber cushions and inflatable cushions. I have to mention one more thing, pay attention to the clean and breathable cushion, which can effectively prevent hemorrhoids.


The third thing to pay attention to is the width of the wheelchair. Just like the clothes, it must have the size of the fit. This size is suitable to make the parts evenly stressed, in order to prevent adverse consequences and prevent secondary damage.


The fourth is to pay attention to the height of the wheelchair. Generally, the upper edge of the backrest is about 10 cm away from the knees of the old man. This depends on the user's torso. The higher the backrest, the more stable the seat is. The lower the backrest, the lower the backrest. The more convenient and convenient the activities of the trunk and upper limbs, so pay attention to the choice.