How to buy the medical rollator walker correctly

October 25 , 2019

The medical rollator walker is generally made of aluminum alloy and is a trigonal (front and left and right) metal frame. It is light in weight and can be well protected by patients, some with casters. The general walker can support the weight to facilitate standing and walking. This kind of support area is large, so the stability is also good. There are many kinds of general walkers.
Fixed type, generally used to reduce the load on one side of the lower limbs, such as lower limb injury, or when the fracture is not allowed to carry weight, both hands lift the side armrests while placing them on the ground instead of one foot, then the legs are used

Interactive type, this is generally small in size, without casters, and can be adjusted in height. When using, move forward one side first, then move the remaining side forward, so move back and forth alternately. Applicable to patients with poor standing balance and poor muscle strength of the lower limbs, the advantage is that it is convenient to go to the toilet.

There is a wheel type in front. This kind of walker is used for people with poor muscle strength in the upper limbs. It is difficult to lift the walking device on one side or the whole. At this time, the front wheel touches the ground, and the foot is lifted and the foot is pushed forward to walk.

Pilots for the elderly This type of car is different from the above three types. There are four wheels that are easy to move. Instead of holding it with your hands, you can move the forearm flat on the washer. This car is suitable for elderly people who are not walking well, but pay attention to keep the body perpendicular to the ground when using it, otherwise it will slip easily.

The armpit-supported walker is mainly walked by two armpits to support weight. There are four casters, which are the largest and are used for the upper limbs.

The unilateral walker is very stable and is suitable for patients with hemiplegia or patients who are still not stable with a four-legged cane. The disadvantage is that it is heavier than a four-legged cane.