How to avoid the phenomenon of electric wheelchair battery bulging

June 19 , 2020

Under the heat of hot summer days, the phenomenon of battery bulging is increasing, which has caused serious problems to consumers' psychology and caused consumers to doubt the safety of batteries! What caused the battery bulge? How to reduce the bulging phenomenon of the battery, and what should we do after the bulging? This is the issue we are discussing today!

First of all, there are two reasons for the phenomenon of battery bulging. One is the problem of battery manufacturing level, the electrode coating is uneven, and the production process is relatively rough; the second is the problem of overcharge and overdischarge during use. Both of these factors may cause the battery to undergo a violent reaction similar to a short circuit inside the battery during use, generating a large amount of heat, which will easily cause the electrolyte to decompose and vaporize, and the battery will swell. Excluding the first reason, the second reason is that we can use the correct method to avoid the phenomenon of battery bulging. What should we do?
electric wheelchair
First, remember to charge the electric wheelchair at a high temperature.

The scorching heat is at the forefront, because the electric wheelchair itself generates a certain amount of heat during driving. At this time, if the electric wheelchair is forcibly charged without first cooling it sufficiently, it will increase the battery's lack of fluid and water, and it will also It affects its service life and aggravates the risk of battery bulging;

Second, remember to use an unmatched charger to charge the electric wheelchair

Using an unmatched charger to charge the electric wheelchair may damage the charger or the battery. Typically, a charger with a large output current is used to charge a small current, which can easily lead to battery bulging.

Third, remember not to use electric wheelchairs for a long time

Although lithium batteries do not have a memory effect and can be recharged at any time, it should be noted that lithium batteries cannot be over-discharged (long-term storage is not used). Over-discharge will cause irreversible capacity loss, affect life, and may also cause bulging. The machine reminds you to start charging when the battery is low

Fourth, remember to charge the electric wheelchair for a long time

Many people have such behaviors. When charging in a wheelchair, one charge is all night, sometimes forgetting that it may be charged for two or three days. This overcharge charging method greatly leads to the possibility of battery bulging.