How does Electric Wheelchairs care for the battery?

October 25 , 2019

Experiments show that when there are several batteries in a group of batteries of Electric Wheelchairs, the capacity of the battery will decrease or the internal resistance will become high. The performance of the whole battery will deteriorate rapidly in a short time, which will cause the whole battery to be scrapped. A new battery pack needs to be replaced.
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From this perspective, the life of the entire battery depends on the battery with the worst performance. For hybrid electric wheelchairs, the replacement cost of the battery pack is the main cost of hybrid electric wheelchair operation. In order to reduce the running cost of the hybrid electric wheelchair, it is necessary to effectively improve the inconsistency of the battery pack, improve the performance of the battery pack, and extend the battery pack. Service life.

In order to make the electric wheelchair better service, it is necessary to ensure its safe operation. The electric wheelchair is mainly powered by the battery. It is necessary to do a uniform balance of charge and discharge of the single battery, so that the battery pack can be largely guaranteed. The parameters of the single battery are the same, which can greatly extend the service life of the battery pack, thereby improving the overall performance of the battery pack, thereby minimizing the burden on the user to maintain the battery and minimizing the pre-emptive rate of the battery pack. Reduce the cost of using hybrid vehicles.