Customer from South Asia

He is not just my business partner but also my good friend. The frist time we met was attedning the Arab Health in dubai in 2011. We hit it off immeiately. When I was working in my old company, I try my best to follow up his order, such as delievery date and quaity, also I will do my best to apply more discount on his order. So, he is highly satisfying on my job. Even I move to Achieve Medical, He is supporting me as usual, he is purchasing from us every month more than 4 x 40HQ of medical product, such as wheelchair, walker, stick, commode  chair, hospital bed, etc…. I am very pleased that he said he can pay me 10% more than other supplier of the same product.

We will discuss some information of the medical insdustry and study how do we do well in both of market. Beside the business, we also pay attention to each other’s daily life. He invited me to his wedding date, I was very enjoy that I can learn the different culture in different nation. We also share every bit of our Child’s groth.