Customer from South America

He is one of our very important distributor and friend in South America. I remember the first time business trip in China in 2011. He was not fluent in English, so he kept communicating with me in Spanish. I could only introduce our product to him through translation sortware and sign language. After communicating with each other for sever times when he back to his country. He finally placed an order with 1x20GP wheelchair and walker. After three years, his company start from 20GP, and now they can purchase 3x40HQ per month.


Three years later, I left and working in new company named Achieve Medical, I did not immediately asked him to have to place me an order. I am sure that in our friend ship and he has a power to place an order. but I knew that the cost of change a new supplier instead the old one is very high. So we normally exchange the information each other. In 2018, he told me that he will do his own company, I said I would fully support him to develop the market, and he was very understand and positive about me. Very soon, he get a tender with more than usd300.00 and place the order to me.

When my former  company visit them 2019, he shared the information to me and told them he havd the exclusive contract with me and truth not like them. I always  working with my heart, not always want to earn the money from anyothers.  Even we not do business, I always welcome to see you and talk with you any time.