Achieve Medical’s product offering, pricing and knowledgeable Sales Team has helped businesses thrive in the face of Competitive Bidding and managed care.
a. Select Products That Give You a Competitive Edge
The brand you portray for your company should follow through in the products you choose to offer. We will help you select products that make the most sense for your business.
b. Implement Programs to Acquire Customers
Think about implementing programs that allow you to differentiate your business, whether you acquire customers through referral sources or market your business directly to end users. We will work with and on behalf of your team to generate incremental sales and help you acquire a disproportionate share of business.
c. Proactively Maximize Patient Comfort and Increase Your Top & Bottom Lines
By upcaring patients, you are offering them solutions that can make them safer and more comfortable in their homes. We can help brand your company as consultative experts who care enough to upcare patients by outlining DME solutions to deliver this benefit.
d. Diversify Your Product Offering and Way of Doing Business to Increase Cash Retail Business
Achieve Medical’s wide product selection combined with our complete retail tool kits, including brochures, customizable plan-o-grams, scripts, web-ready copy, images and videos, will support your retail location and e-commerce efforts in promoting retail opportunities.
e. Take Advantage of Financing Programs to Optimize Your Cash Flow
The Cash Flow Option (CFO) Programs from Achieve Medical Credit Company offer a host of revolutionary leasing programs to suit your needs. Whether you are interested in financing existing accounts receivables, new purchases, or a combination, we’ve got the program that’s right for you.